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You can subscribe to Full Hybrid Insurance by visiting your local Toyota retailer, where a member of our team will guide you through the process of signing up as well as answer any further questions you might have.

Your Full Hybrid Insurance subscription will typically last 12 months from the date you start a contract, after which period you will have the opportunity of renewal.

After you have subscribed, download and register yourself on the MyT app (ideally during the handover of your Toyota, so your first trip can already be displayed). Next, opt-in to connected services within the app. And once you’ve opted in, you’ll now find the Insurance icon within the MyT app to access after each trip along with a quick explanation of how to use the available features.

Full Hybrid Insurance is currently only available on the New Generation Yaris Hybrid.

Full Hybrid Insurance is intended to help you make the best use of your hybrid. Based on the proportion of kilometers you drive your hybrid in electric mode (EV) vs petrol, Toyota Insurance will reward you with a reduction on your insurance renewal premium. And the more electric km you drive, the more you save—because we believe that a smoother hybrid driver is also safer. For example, if your total mileage is 500 km and your EV mileage is 200km, then your EV mode usage is calculated at 40% (200/500).

You will receive a discount at the end of your initial insurance period, applicable to your insurance renewal premium for the following year or month, depending on your local offer. To qualify for a discount, there may be a minimum number of EV kilometers you must travel, depending on your local offer.

Once you click on MyT app, you can find Full Hybrid Insurance within the Hybrid Driver Coaching section or when you click on the Insurance icon.

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