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Why are events so important

to us and you?

As you have noticed we are, in the past months, very eager to support your local events. Why are events so important to us and you?

Well we believe that events are:

  1. Opportunity for you to interact with your customers live and in person, and for them to interact with you – People buy from people and no one can sell your vehicles better than you can. Having your customers in front of you in the showroom gives you the chance to explain specific details. It also allows customers a perfect opportunity to provide you with feedback about what they think you’re doing great and some suggestions as to what else they would love to see.
  2. Opportunity for social sharing;– Most of your visitors will find out about your event via social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you can be sure there will be more than a few people posting about the fun they’re having at your event. Use this to your advantage by encouraging guests to ‘get social’ about their experience. This is a great way to draw in a new target audience and interact with new customers after the event that you may have not been able to reach in the past.
  3. Opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to your current customers; make them feel like a VIP’s and offer them an unforgettable experience – Without loyal customers, you wouldn’t be in business. Hosting a ‘Customer Appreciation’ event is the perfect opportunity to invite your most valued clients to a special occasion designed just for them. A positive experience causes customers to connect with a store in a personal way, encouraging them to stay longer and visit again.
  4. Opportunity to gather consumer data for future promotions – We are creating targeted direct mail campaigns advertising latest promotions, and a special event is a great way to ensure your potential customer database growing. With upbeat moods and a festive atmosphere, people aren’t as uptight about passing along personal information like email addresses. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to gather info like birth dates so you can send additional communication to your customers inviting them back into your showroom throughout the year.

The one measure of ensuring success as a retailer year after year is to have a continuous stream of customers walking through your front door. Events are a classic way for businesses to engage with their customers. 
New customers will come back again if they’re treated to an experience that gets them excited and you’ll be able to count on them to recommend you to others. And that is precisely the thing we measure since April; “customer recommendation” – the key for your future success.
Do not hesitate to contact our teams in any of our regional offices, may it be for support in preparing and planning and event or just sharing ideas.

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